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The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Food in Trains for Train Travelers

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The traditional food delivery options in trains have always failed to meet the traveler’s expectations.

Local station foods, for instance, have always lacked the cleanliness that payers expect from their food. And the pantry services have almost always failed to justify their costs for the price.

To bridge this gap between expectations and availability, platforms like RailKafe have emerged to give travelers the power to get the food of their choice at the correct prices on the train. In this guide, we will dive into every aspect of ordering food on the train and discover the technicalities related to it.

How To Order Food on Train

Ordering food in train has become easier than ever with RailKafe. Go to its website or app, enter your PNR number, select your preferred dish, and place your order. It is just like how we order food at our home. 

The following steps, however, elaborate the process of planning and ordering food in train for a perfect group dining experience:

Step 1: Plan Your Meals

If you’re traveling in a group, the first step should be to determine exactly how many people will be dining on the train. Ignore this step if traveling alone.

Once it is done, calculate what amount of food will be required and at what frequency. You can always use the Railkafe platform to see the menus and suggestions for a more straightforward planning process.

Step 2: Place Your Order 

Once you know your food requirements, follow these steps to go ahead:

  1. Head toward the RailKafe website or mobile app and enter your PNR number
  2. Choose your preferred stations and timings to receive your meals
  3. Go to the menu and explore from hundreds of available meal options
  4. Choose your selected meals and place your order
  5. While placing the order, add preparation instructions to the cook if you want

Step 3: Receive your meal & enjoy!

Once your food order has been placed in RailKafe, your preferred restaurants will receive your order and start preparing your meal. Once prepared, they will hand the meal to our delivery partners. The delivery agents will finally deliver your food to your seat. 

All you have to do at this stage is sit and relax while we bring your meals to you. All the meals delivered by Railkafe are prepared in a hygienic environment and are packed for contamination-free delivery.

Benefits of Ordering Food in Train:

The mere option to order their food is a game-changer for travelers. It gives them the freedom to take back control and choose what to eat. 

Here are some additional benefits that automatically come with ordering food on the train:

Saved Time and Efforts

Train e-catering services like RailKafe can save much of your meal planning time before the trip. You do not need to count eaters, calculate their required meals, tally with the costs, and go through finding and booking the needed pantry services.

Instead, you just have to go to the Group Order section of Railkafe, fill in the size of your group (family, friends, fellow travelers), and RailKafe will streamline the further process for you. You can easily navigate the dishes, prices, and amount of food to order and book them without hassle.

Minimized Costs And access to Discounts

In addition to that, ordering food with an e-catering partner also saves you excessive food costs. The traditional pantry services do not have many options based on your cravings and budget. Additionally, they also do not offer any offers or discounts.


This is not the case when using food ordering services on trains. Food in train e-catering like RailKafe offer great discounts, promotions, and offers occasionally to help you get the best food possible at the most reasonable costs.

Wide Variety OF Food Options

The menu of traditional pantry services is mostly fixed or very rigid. They do not offer much variety for travelers to choose from. As a result, many travelers compromise on their food because of the unavailability of other options.

This is not the case with RailKafe; it offers travelers a wide range of food from the menus of hundreds of restaurants and hotels across the train’s route. As a result, travelers can eat their favorite dishes on train without spending any excess money.

Customizations and Dietary Preferences

Everyone has their own eating preferences. Some are non-veg lovers; some are pure vegetarians, some are Jains, and some are vegans. However, finding proper foods for anyone other than non-veg lovers is extremely difficult in train.

Not with RailKafe e-catering services. With Railkafe, travelers can order their food as per their preferences. They can instruct the food makers on what to add or not to their food. This is a lifesaver for people allergic to some ingredients or have strict vows against non-vegetarian items.

Popular Food Choices for Train Journeys

Hundreds if not thousands of meal options are available at Railkafe for you to order food in train journeys. Here are some popular meal options to try in your next trip:

Pure Veg Food in Train

  1. Veg thali
  2. Veg maharaja thali
  3. Paneer
  4. Dal fry
  5. Shahi Paneer
  6. Kadai Paneer
  7. Mix veg
  8. Aloo dum
  9. Masala Dosa
  10. Paneer Tikka
  11. Chole Bhature
  12. Vegetable Biryani
  13. Aloo Paratha
  14. Rajma Chawal
  15. Malai Kofta
  16. Dal Makhani
  17. Vegetable Pulao
  18. Gobi Manchurian
  19. Aloo Tikki
  20. Veg Biryani

Pure Jain food in train

RailKafe has also partnered with many restaurants across India that serve pure Jain food to their customers. These meals are prepared with Jain-approved ingredients and masalas. The chefs put utmost care and dedication into the eaters.

Jain food delivery in Train by Railkafe:

  1. Jain Pav Bhaji
  2. Jain Chole
  3. Jain Paneer Tikka
  4. Jain Vegetable Pulao
  5. Jain Dal Fry
  6. Jain Malai Kofta
  7. Jain Veg Biryani
  8. Jain Aloo Paratha
  9. Jain Paneer Bhurji
  10. Jain Sabudana Khichdi
  11. Jain Dahi Vada
  12. Jain Samosa
  13. Jain Pani Puri
  14. Jain Thali
  15. Jain Fruit Salad

Non-veg food in train we offer: 

We also serve non-veg food for our non-veg-loving customers. The Non-Veg Food delivery in Train by Railkafe is listed below:

  1. Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)
  2. Chicken Biryani
  3. Tandoori Chicken
  4. Fish Curry
  5. Mutton Biryani
  6. Chicken Tikka Masala
  7. Prawn Curry
  8. Goan Fish Curry
  9. Chicken Korma
  10. Tandoori Fish
  11. Hyderabadi Biryani
  12. Egg Curry
  13. Chicken handi
  14. Chicken chili
  15. Chicken tandoori
  16. Chicken curry
  17. Fried Fish
  18. And many other non-veg foods are also available to order online by train.

Other Popular Foods for Train Food Delivery

  1. Maharaja Thali in train
  2. Veg Thali in Train
  3. Pizza in Train
  4. Breakfast in Train
  5. Lunch in Train
  6. Snacks in Train
  7. Dinner in Trains
  8. Cakes in Train
  9. Rolls in train
  10. Momos in train
  11. Cold drinks in Train: Pepsi, Coca-cola, Thumbs Up, and other major beverages.

Tips for a Great Food Ordering Experience

Book Your Meals in Advance

Travelers can have the best booking experience by booking food on train in advance. By doing so, travelers can choose from the maximum possible options of restaurants and meals. Advance ordering also helps our partner restaurants prepare your order in time.

Check the Reviews and Ratings

RailKafe allows travelers to review and rate the food they receive via RailKafe food in train service. Travelers can go through these reviews and ratings before ordering their meals to be sure that they receive the best food.

Add Additional Instructions

It is usually a case that a traveler is allergic or resistant to certain ingredients in their food. In such cases, travelers should use the “Give Instructions” feature of RailKafe to instruct their cook. This will help in eliminating any mishappening or bad experiences.

Still confused? There is no way to. Check our menus, ordering page, and group ordering page to discover RailKafe independently.

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