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Khana Booking in Train: A Saviour for Train Passengers 

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When it comes to traveling by train, we often get worried, especially during long journeys. The concern of food hits us harder, resulting in us cooking multiple dishes for the trip. But this, too, doesn’t calm us, as you might still be thinking, what if food will get contaminated? 

Don’t worry. As Khana booking in train facility offered by Railkafe can be your saviour. With it, you can order a variety of meals like veg thali, non-veg dishes, south Indian cuisines, biryani, dessert, and whatever dish you want at just fingertips. 

Wondering, How to do so? Let’s dive deep into this blog and learn all about the process of online Khana booking on train. 

How to do Khana Booking in Train

Booking hygienic food in train is an easy process with RailKafe. You can choose to order food through it with your train ticket PNR number, train number, or WhatsApp number. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to order food in train in all these three ways. 

Order Khana in Train with Your PNR Number

Order food on trains with PNR via a mobile app, shown alongside a happy delivery person with khana boxex at a train station

Ordering Khana with a PNR number is the most popular way. Here are the steps to order Khana with the PNR number. 

Step 1:  Visit the RailKafe website’s home page.

Step 2:  Enter the 10-digit PNR number mentioned in your train ticket. 

Step 3: Click on the “Order now button.” You’ll be redirected to a new page listing the station name of your train route. 

Step 4: Choose the station at which you want your food to be delivered. 

Step 5: Select the restaurants available to get food in train. 

Step 6: Choose the preferred food you want to relish while journeying. 

Step 7: Select payment methods, enter the required details and place your Khana order. 

When your train reaches your food boarding station, a delivery person will deliver your food order to your train seat.

Book Your Khana in Train with Train Number

Order food delivery on a train by train number using a smartphone app, with a smiling courier holding a pizza box at a subway station

Booking Khana with a train number is a convenient way for rail passengers. Here are the steps to order Khana on train with the Train Number. 

Step 1: Visit the RailKafe website and enter a 5-digit train number to get food delivery in the train. 

Step 2: Select the station at which you want your food order while journeying. 

Step 3: Choose your favourite food from the restaurants available at a particular station. 

Step 4: Proceed with the filling required details like name, mobile number, PNR number, seat number, etc.

Step 5:  Select your preferred methods from COD or online and place the food order. 

Note, while ordering your food in train, you can enter applicable train food offers & coupon codes to avail of discounts. 

Order Khana Online in Train with Whatsapp Number 

image for ordering train food via WhatsApp, with a smiling delivery guy at a Railway station

WhatsApp is today’s generation’s most handy way. You just don’t need any app or visit any website to book Khana for you and your loved ones. You can simply do it with WhatsApp. Here is a guide for you to order Khana in train with WhatsApp. 

Step 1:  Save the Railkafe WhatsApp number +91 9771231434 in your device or message on it directly. 

Step 2: Chat with the executive. Share your food requirements, the station where you want your food, journey details, and other important information associated with the food delivery. 

Step 3: Choose payment methods from online or COD and get your order placed with chat support.  

After successfully placing your order, stay tension-free. Your food order will be delivered to you at your food boarding station. 

If all these three methods don’t seem convenient enough, you can also choose to order food by calling +91 9771231434. The Railkafe calling facility also helps you book food in trains when you have a low network connection. 

Best Khana to Book for Train Journey  

#1. Veg Thali 

An image featuring a vegetarian thali, a well-rounded Indian meal, available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Veg thali is a complete one-time meal. You can book it for your lunch, dinner, or even for breakfast. The veg thali consists of chapati, paneer sabaji, rice, dal, salad, and pickles. The Thali can be available in different sizes or types like veg Mini thali, Maharaja thali, deluxe Thali, etc. 

#2. Non-Veg Thali

image showcasing a non-vegetarian thali, with the option to order via Railkafe train food delivery service

Getting non-veg food in train is also possible with the IRCTC train food delivery facility. You can order Non-veg thali in train during dinner or lunch. The Non-veg thali consists of multiple dishes like rice, chapati, chicken curry, salad, pickles, etc. 

#3. Biryani 

A plate of Biryani is presented as a royal (Shahi) travel meal option, available for train journeys

The Shahi dish, Biryani, can be your next travel companion. With its aromatic smell and tempting taste, Biryani is an all-time favourite meal for many of us. With the train food facility, you can order Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, or Kolkata Biryani on train. 

#4. South Indian dishes 

A bowl of South Indian Idli served with sambar, highlighted as a tasty and healthy train food option

South Indian foods are another tastiest and healthiest train food item options. Its authentic taste, a range of varieties, and popularity offers enough reasons to try them during your train journey. Upma, Uttapam, dosa, and  idly, are some of the best South Indian food. 

#5. Pizza 

Image showcasing a sliced pizza, ideal for travel, on a beige backdrop

The popular Italian dish Pizza is one of the best  food items to try while travelling. Just imagine, what can be better than this that you enjoy the scenery outside of your window and relishing the tastiest pizza slice especially when you’re travelling with your friends, family, or gang. With an online khana booking facility, you can do group food order in train for pizza or any of your favourite dishes. 

Apart from these, you can also order the famous Chhole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Bengali dishes, and Punjabi food, along with a number of cuisines in train. 


Khana booking in train services offered by Railkafe is to make train travel seamless. So, no rail passengers must travel by train with an empty stomach. With this IRCTC service, rail passengers can book their choice of meals online and make their train journey a HAPPY JOURNEY.  

FAQs Related to Khana Booking in Train 

Is it possible to book food in train?

Of course, in this digital world, booking food in train is a seamless process. With your train PNR number, you can easily book food in train at Railkafe. 

How to book train ticket with meal?

To book a train ticket with the meal, you first need to visit the IRCTC e-ticketing website and book your train ticket. Afterwards, visit food in train service providing websites like Railkafe to book your meal using your train tickets’s unique 10-digit number. 

In which trains food is available?

With online Khana booking services, food is available on all the passenger trains. 

So, what are you still thinking? Book your train tickets and meal, and bang on a delicious journey. 

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