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The Best Food Delivery Services on Train

The Best Food Delivery Services on Train

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Food ordering has become a common thing in India. After all, it provides you the convenience of having various food items whenever you wish. In the last decade, food delivery services have gone from something unknown to a necessary part of life for teenagers, adults, and even many old aged people.

The same trend is true for train travelers. Gone are the days when travelers had to settle for unhygienic station food or overpriced but stale pantry food. 

In the last few years, travelers have been moving to rail e-catering platforms that help them enjoy restaurant food at their seats. Food is a crucial part of long train travel, and how you get it dramatically impacts your travel experience.

This blog dives deep into the catering world to explore the best food delivery services on train.

The Available Food Options In Train

Home-cooked meals along with station food

The first and oldest way of having food in train is to have a mix of home-cooked plus station meals. Travelers have been using this mix since the times when pantry and e-catering services were unavailable.

However, there are two main problems with this. First, home-cooked meals cannot be stored for long trips. Eating one, two, or three days old food may lead to food poisoning or stomach-related issues.

Second, the food options available at the station are unhygienic and contaminated. They often make travelers fall sick. Therefore passengers should avoid the platform food and have home-cooked food within 24 hrs.

Pantry Services

To solve this problem of having good food delivery in trains, the railways introduced their catering service. It allowed travelers to book their meals directly from the pantry kitchen on their train. 

The kitchen would collect the orders and supply a full meal to those seats at regular intervals. Although it solved the food problem of some long-distance passengers, it had two significant issues.

First, the pantry kitchen was available only on long-distance trains like Rajhdhanis. Second, there was a minimal variety of meals to choose from. There would be 2-3 dishes, and you must choose one. In many cases, the services were found to be over prices for the meals offered.

To solve this problem of variety and choice, E-catering services were introduced.

Online E-Catering Services

Online e-catering services like Railkafe were introduced to democratize food ordering in train. They allow their users to order restaurant food directly to their train seats. 

Having Railkare, for example, a passenger can browse through 100s of restaurants throughout his route and choose his favorite meal from their vast menus.

It helps to solve the problem of food and food choices for its customers. To order meals from Railkafe, all a passenger needs to do is:

  1. Go on to the RailKafe website or app
  2. Enter his PNR number
  3. Choose the time he wants to receive the meal
  4. Select his favorite dish from the menu
  5. Place his order and relax
  6. The food will be delivered right at his seat by our delivery partners

Benefits of using e-catering services

E-catering services are the latest iteration for food services in trains. The solve almost all the food-related problems of travelers. Here are some prevalent benefits of using an e-catering service like Railkafe:

Variety of Meals

Unlike traditional catering services, Railkafe allows its customers hundreds of meal options to choose from. Using it, passengers can select from a wide range of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and other dishes as desired.

Such diverse meal options greatly enhance passengers’ dining and traveling experience.

Specialized Meals For Jains And Other Communities

Many travelers often require some customization in their food. For example, Jain passengers cannot eat onion, garlic, or non-veg. Or as some vegan passengers cannot eat milk items.

Railkafe allows such passengers to select meals that directly fit their requirements. And it that isn’t enough, they can also give direct instructions to the cook for further customization. 

Such level of care is mainly missing in the pantry food or station food.

Hygenic Food

Since the food you order via RailKafe is prepared in well-cleaned restaurants and hotels, they are always hygienic and contamination free. With RailKafe, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality meals at your berth.

All of our partner restaurants are FSSAI approved and prioritize the health and hygiene of the eaters above anything else.

Group Order Discounts

Railkafe offers excellent discounts and cashback offers on food for groups, saving travelers thousands of rupees they would have spent on stale panty food.

You can get these discounts by visiting the “Group Order” section on RailKafe’s website or app.

Easy Process For Ordering Via Calls

Despite the rapid digitalization of India, an enormous proportion of the population still hesitates or cannot order food online. This majority is mainly elderly people and those who do not have mobile phones.

In this case, RailKafe offers the option of ordering food directly by phone. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call us at +919771231434
  2. Provide our customer representative with your train information (PNR number is sufficient).
  3. Our representative will provide you with 100s of dishes to choose from
  4. Take a deep breath and relax
  5. Pay with cash when delivered

On-time Delivery

Railkafe strives to deliver the best quality food at the right place and time. With our advanced order management system, RailKafe delivers your food at your berth right when you expect them.


While travelers have many options for arranging food on train, the three most common options include home-cooked food, pantry services, and e-catering services.

The home-cooked food is limited in time and cannot be stored and eaten for days. On the other hand, pantry food offers no variety of choices and is often overpriced for its taste. 

To solve these problems, e-catering services like Railkafe have emerged. They offer travelers a wide variety of food choices at affordable prices.

Still confused? Check out the Railkafe ordering platform and discover great cashback and discounts on your next order.

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