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Best ways to order food in train

The Best Way To Order Food On Train

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E-catering services have been gaining steep popularity among real travelers. While traditional services like railway catering and near-station food have their place, mass passengers are looking for other options for reliable, hygienic, and convenient food.

As a result, they are quickly moving towards rail e-catering platforms like Rail Kafe. In this blog, we will have a deep look at these platforms and see how RailKafe differs from all.

What is a Rail E-Catering platform?

Rail e-catering platforms like Railkafe are independent food platforms that help rail 

travelers connect to nearby restaurants. They do it in these four steps:

  1. They collect orders from the passengers on their platform
  2. Once the order is collected, they send those orders to the restaurants
  3. Restaurants then prepare the ordered meal
  4. They deliver the food to the berth of the passenger. 

The traditional food options available to the rail passengers are severely limited in terms of choice of dishes or hygiene. The train catering services have little variety or restaurants like the taste. On the other hand, station food lacks hygiene for a good meal.

These platforms solve this problem. They help passengers access hundreds of tasty and hygienic food options without spending excess money.

Why Railkafe?

RailKafe is one of the best e-catering platforms for any traveler who wishes to have a dish of his choice on the train. There are numerous reasons that make RailKafe the best choice among any other platform.

Here are some important ones to consider:

Largest Variety of Meal Options

Gone are the days when train passengers had to settle for one or two meal options given by the Rail Caterers. RailKafe enables them to choose from hundreds of restaurants and thousands of dishes to have on the train.

It doesn’t matter if you want some pizza on your train or are craving some chicken at a random moment. All you have to do is pick up the RailKafe app and Order food in train whenever you want.

Clean and Hygienic Food

The unhygienic and contaminated station food often causes travelers to fall ill. These food are prepared in unclean environments, and the purity of the ingredients are also highly questionable. This is not the case with RailKafe.

With RailKafe, one may rest assured that he will get the best quality food at the right time. All our partnered restaurants and hotels are FSSAI assured and prepare their meals in clean kitchens. 

The ingredients are of the best quality, and the meals are stored in contamination-free packaging.

Easy Ordering Process

The ordering process of RailKafe is the easiest there is. Unlike traditional food ordering, travelers can have Railkafe at their fingertips. They can order whenever they crave a good meal.

The traveler only needs to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the RailKafe app or website
  2. Enter Your PNR number
  3. Select the station to receive your meal
  4. Choose from hundreds of meal options
  5. Place your order
  6. Sit back and relax
  7. Receive your delicious meal and pay via cash

On-time Delivery

When delivering food on train, there is no question about late deliveries or delays. Therefore, Railkafe prioritizes the on-time delivery of meals very high. 

When using the platform, travelers can rest assured that they will get their meals right when they expect them, if not prior. However, it must be noted that there could be inconsistencies due to train delays.

Discount on Bulk Orders

When ordering food for groups with Railkafe, travelers can avail of great discounts and cashback offers on their orders. This feature helps travelers save thousands of rupees that they would have given for some stale panty food.

To aviail these discounts, simply go to the “Group Order” section in the RailKafe website or app.

Excellent Call Ordering Process

Despite the rapid digitalization in India, there is still a big chunk of the population that either hesitates or is not able to order food via the Internet. This population mainly consists of elderly people and the ones having normal cell phones.

For these people, RailKafe offers an option to order food directly via phone. In this ordering method, all that a person needs to do is:

  1. Call +919771231434 
  2. Tell our customer representative your train information (PNR number is enough)
  3. Select from 100s of dishes as communicated by our representative
  4. Sit back and relax
  5. Pay via cash when delivered

Other Free Features of RailKafe

On top of delivering the finest possible food selection in trains, passengers can also use the RailKafe platform for various purposes. Here are some special features that RailKafe offers for free:

Platform Locator

Platforms are an essential part of every train journey. Their availability and timings determine if travelers have enough time to purchase snacks, arrange utilities, and other things. 

With RailKafe’s platform locator, travelers can have accurate details of the platforms crossed by their train. This helps travelers plan their journeys effectively and arrange meals on time. 

PNR Status Checker

Passenger Name Record, Or PNR, is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric code that travelers can use to see whether their seats have been confirmed. With the RailKafe platform, passengers do not need to download other apps or search the web to check their PNR status

They can simply go to the RailKafe app/website, select the “Check PNR” option and know their PNR status.

Train Live Status Checker

One of the most important insights that travelers need while on the train is the live status of their trains. This insight helps them know their estimated arrival time and lets them prepare for their departure in advance. 

Having the Live status checker also helps those waiting in the station to receive their loved ones.

Train Schedule checker

With Railkafe’s train schedule checker, travelers can see in advance if their train is delayed, postponed, or is running right on schedule. It lets them decide on any sudden changes in their plan.

Still confused? Head toward the Railkafe platform and explore the widest possible variety of dishes on your train.


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